Hardware Available for Colocation

Que Air maintains a hardware inventory for client use.

The range of hardware scales from cost-effective, customized, embedded Alix boards to multi-core 64-bit systems.

We also can build and host Alix boards, embedded i386-based systems which are an excellent solution if you seek a small, remote presence from your central infrastructure for network monitoring or as a backup domain name server. Why maintain a full server or limited virtual private service if you just want a handful of routine tasks done surely and consistently?

We setup your FreeBSD Alix board on a compact flash card, so magnetic drive errors and problems are avoided. There are no moving parts to break, and most system writes happen to RAM, not the flash storage. Once operational, Alix systems continue to function far into the future with little maintenance.

An Alix 3d3 board provides some of the following specifications:

But we are also moving into the various ARM hardware for hosting purposes. Whether BeagleBoards and BeagleBones, Raspberry Pis and PandaBoards, we are excited at the expansion of ARM-based opportunities. We provide the IP address and connect your pre-built system into a switch. Soon enough, we will provide FreeBSD builds for users.

Hosting any of these small, embedded systems is inexpensive and hassle-free. Nevertheless, it's a good match for a variety of functions when a full server is overkill.

Contact us today to find out what we have available, and let us know what you are looking for.