Offered Services


We do "single-digit" colocation: we host up to nine units of rack space. This scale is the perfect next step for a professional or personal project that is getting its grounding, without committing the resources necessary for builing out a full infrastructure. We provide the IP addressing and plug you into our network so the project starts quickly, not when your full funding finally arrives.

Managed Hosting

Fully maintained BSD Unix servers means you can utilize the most robust operating system family with decades of experience, without worrying about maintaining the base operating system and applications.

You build and configure your applications: web server, mail server, whatever your needs happen to be. We will worry about keeping the operating system current and secure.

Available Hardware

Need hardware for colocation or managed hosting? We have a multitude of servers in our inventory, ready for configuration and to bring online. Our offerings range up from the simple and cheap to solid quad-core servers with a ton of RAM. And we can certainly customize for your needs.

But sometimes small is beautiful enough for a variety of functions. We also provide pre-built Alix boards, and happily host any of the new ARM chip-based systems increasingly popular today, from Raspberry Pis to BeagleBones.

Ping us to find out how we can meet your hardware requirements.

FreeBSD Jails

FreeBSD jails may be the perfect solution for your hosting needs. On the one hand, standard web hosting virtualization packages come with bloated and awkward control panels limit access. On the other hand, maintaining server hardware and the base operating system can be time-consuming and beyond the skillset of the current staff.

FreeBSD jails put the user in the driver's seat. The root account, building applications, hacking on your configuration files: it is all in your hands.

It is fashionable today to run full-scale virtualization. However, the solution should match the need. A FreeBSD jail's simple elegance satisfies the actual level of virtualization needed in many cases.

Remote Network and Web Site Monitoring

Remote from your network, customized for your needs. We continue to develop a toolbox of scripts and applications to watch the responsiveness of your publicly accessible hosts.

Get alerts weekly, daily, hourly: the choice is yours. Or would you prefer your clients letting you know if a web site link is broken? Or if your web site has been defaced?

Our list of possibilities is only restricted by your imagination. It is self-evident that the more "eyes" watching your infrastructure, the better off you'll be. And an automated set of eyes can be more reliable than human eyes.

Other Services

Que Air provides a broad array of other colocation-related services: Tor bridges, web proxies, remote backups to our infrastructure, consultation, and more. If you have a specific request, don't hesitate to contact us.